My name is Maurice.

This is my story.   My name is  Maurice Monkee.
I  am an immigrant from India.  I am a macacque. 
I grew up in the Masai Mara.  I am going to try and
tell you about my wonderful friends, including the
lion of president, Ralph Lyon and his first  lioness, Mildred. 
This will be my story and  theirs


   I am gay.  We will get this out of the way now.  I have never suffered at all from this fact of my life.  There was a time when my mother, Sophie Leila Monkee, gave me a bit of grief on the subject.  She still alludes to it in a snotty fashion from time to time but then my mother is a difficult female the best of days.   I was born in the Masai Mara in Kenya.   I never really knew my  father, except for a brief visit in my adulthood.   We are macaques from India.  Mother, in an ever constant frenzy of Francophilia,  insists we are from somewhere in France.  The fact is, we are from India and no amount of machinations can remove that immutable fact.  At least Mother has the pleasure to know that we are old world monkeys, as opposed to new world monkeys.  This is something that unless you were a monkey, you wouldn't give a rip about.  It is a bit of snobbery among we apes.  Something akin to Arabs distinguishing between Gulf and other varieties of their kith and kin.

   As a lad, I grew up very near a baboon troop.  I am sure Mother chose this spot for its protective resources, baboons being aggressive animals.  My sister, Margaux and I were born in the Mara.  I have other siblings that apparently stayed in India.  This is all a very long path to get to the heart of the matter.  Bertram Baboon was my first lover.   When we came into adulthood, Bertram and I moved in together.  It was the beginning of what was going to, in time, become a very complicated society of animals in Kenya and most particularly, the Mara.  But I am digressing as is my habit.   Bertram and I decided on a 
catering business as our career goals.  We set this up with a bit of tree to tree advertising.  We got an order from the great matriarch elephant, Charlotte Elephanti, to cater a party at her large barn.  There we met the big cats who were to be the beginning of our successes.  I will profile each of these in time. 

   Bertram decided that he wanted to work in film.  He became a successful, award winning producer and director of films.  I went into couture with an immigrant from the Amazon, Janice Jaguar.  We formed the huge fashion emporium, JAGGERS.  Eventually, after President Ralph Lyon ascended to the presidency of Kenya, he  asked me to be his press secretary, a position I hold to this day.  The division in our professions finally led to the break up of Bertram and me.  We still remain great friends, lunching weekly.  Bertram took a bit of time to explore Paris and the characters there.  This was the final straw in our love story.   I met Dr. Lawrence Leoparde, the brilliant and enigmatic director of the Leopard Awareness Center, a psychiatric facility  recently renamed Family Services of the Masai Mara.  Lawrence and I have had our ups and downs.  They have been painful but we seem to be working through them.  When President Lyon made gay marriages legal in Kenya, Lawrence and I married in a quiet and unassuming service under a spreading Banyan tree.
    These are the stories of my friends and acquaintances in the Mara.  Some are close, some merely known by me in a brief manner.  All have their different facets that render them interesting.  It is the story of a changing society with all of the woes and pitfalls of such.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoy being a part of this society......

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